The first day of winter - Hallow E'en
Hollantide Oiche Shamhna
Samhain Evening (October 31, 1997)
A day long performance ritual
Conceived and Directed by Eeo Stubblefield

Assistant Director: Ani Helmick

Scores: Eeo Stubblefield

Refinement of Scores: Ani Helmick - Anna Halprin - Mermer Blakeslee

Costume Design: Eeo Stubblefield

Black Bags: Annie Greensfelder

Site Design: Eeo Stubblefield

Site Builders: Ani Helmick - Eeo Stubblefield - Jamie Roffi- Terri Lappé Olson
And with my deepest gratitude Old Man Charlie

Photographer: Terri Lappé Olson
Assistant: Jamie Roffi

Videographers: Suzanne Bevier - Dana Dorrity

Audio: Vivian Stoll

Walking Witches - Amanda Montgomery - Annette Schultz - Cydney Wilkes
Eeo Stubblefield - Ina Kozel - Judy Rosen - Pooh Kaye - Sharada Arrudei
Nesting Witches - Ani Helmick - Erma Duncan


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