Women Walking With Chairs


A day long performance ritual
Culminating in the streets of Phoenicia, NY
August 19th, 2000
Conceived and Directed by Eeo Stubblefield


Assistant Director: Ani Helmick - Lois Weaver

Workshops: Taught and Led by Lois Weaver

Scores: Eeo Stubblefield - Ani Helmick

Refinement of Scores: Lois Weaver - Mermer Blakeslee - Anna Halprin - Susan Brown Woods

Costumes conceived by: Eeo Stubblefield

Costumes designed by: Eeo Stubblefield - Susan Tamara Darrow

Red women costumes further designed by performers
Chairs chosen by each performer

Photographers: Claudia Parker - Eeo Stubblefield - Elizabeth Sheehy - Freddie Taylor - Hans Gissinger, assisted by Robert Schoebuys - Lalani Clare - Mimi Paturel - Tania Barnicklo - Terri Lappé Olson

Videographer: Dana Dornity

Costumers: Eeo Stubblefield - Cathy Gallagher - Dana Fraser - Marly Carroll - Susan Tamara Darrow

Crew: Bob Carroll - James Knight - Mermer Blakeslee - Marc Rubin - Ralph Gallagher - Thomas Ferrone - Tom Fraser

Food provided to performers by: American Cafe
Transportation and use of Romer Park provided by: Town Tinker, Harry Jameson

Women in Red: Angel Ortloff - Bluejay Skardis - Catherine Carroll - Christie Scheele - Dana Fraser - Ina Kozel - Janet Robbins - Julie Marcus - Kimberly Ramalho - Lois Weaver - Mary Hall - Melinda Pizzano - Nadya Beck - Nina Paturel - Randi Barouch - Toby Poser

Women in Black: Alma Colibri - Amanda Bergman - Violet Snow - Joyce North - Judy Rosen - Liz Shelley - Ona Skardis - Peggy Shaw - Rena Omer - Roxi Henrici - Sue Willens - Susan Brown Woods - Ulla Warchol

Women on Road: Cher Laughlin - Val Fanarjian
Children Performers: Sylvia Snow - Tessa Sheele - Viva Fraser